Thank you

I would first like to thank all my models who have enabled me to practice and improve my photographic studio techniques: Louise-Anne, Perrine, Anne-Sophie, Marine, Céline, Claire, Lucie, and Mayssa. Thank you for your enthusiasm... and your patience!

Thank you to Sylvia and David who helped me to translate this site.

Thank you Seb! It is thanks to your encouragement that I am where I am today. It was with your help that I learnt, improved and honed my techniques. One phrase that I will always remember from the many others was your constantly repeated question: “And what’s supposed to be the subject” With your remarks, I have begun to put life in my photos.

Finally, I would like to thank Virginie, my wife, my sunlight, my Muse, my inspiration and strength, who gives me the enthusiasm to go ahead and to create beautiful studio sittings together !

With many thanks to my mother and to Monique for all their help, in particular for the different exhibitions.

And thanks to you, the visitor, for taking a few minutes to visit this site.